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Run incompatible Firefox add-ons

Development of Firefox seems to have stepped up in speed this year and we have seen version 4, 5, 6 and even 7 (beta) of the popular web browser from Mozilla. In some ways this is great news and we are seeing new features, increased performance and more and shorter and shorter intervals.

Every couple of months there is a new version of the web browser, but there is a downside to this and new versions of Firefox always breaks some add-ons.

Every time you upgrade a dialog appears on the screen saying that your favourite add-ons are incompatible and have been disabled. It's a bit annoying to say the least.

Maybe they are incompatible, but then again maybe they aren't and Firefox might just be playing safe by disabling them. You can enable them again with a special add-on that allows you to run incompatible extensions - at your own risk, of course.

You can go to the Add-ons gallery and search for Add-on Compatibility Reporter or you can go straight to the page. Click the button to add it to Firefox.

Firefox add-ons

Go to the Firefox button in the top left corner and click Add-ons. Select the Extensions tab on the left and you will see that all the extensions are enabled, even ones that were previously disabled. There is a compatibility button and this enables you to report to Firefox's developers if an extension works OK. Test the extension and let Mozilla know. Select the Plugins tab and all the plug-ins are enabled too. You can manually disable any that don't work, but usually they do. Firefox is simply being cautious when it disables plug-ins.