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Windows Live Movie Maker special effects

Windows Live Movie Maker is a very simple video editor, but it still has its uses. It is part of the Windows Live Essentials software suite that is free to download. Although it has a very basic set of video editing features, it is fine for Facebook, YouTube and similar video sharing websites.

It enables you to apply some fun special effects to video clips, like pixelate, spin 360, warp, blur, posterise and so on. If you select one of these effects, it is applied to the whole clip and you can't select the start and end points. However, there is a way to apply the effect to just the frames of the video clip you want.

Start Windows Live Movie Maker and load a video clip into it. Suppose you want to add the pixelate effect to a section in the middle. Play the video and click the pause button when it reaches the point where you want the effect to be applied. Use the next and previous frame buttons to get the precise location.

Select the Edit tab and click the Split button in the ribbon toolbar. Continue playing until you reach the point where you want the effect to end and pause. The next and previous frame buttons can be used to set the precise frame. Click Split again.

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You now have a separate video clip and you can apply the special effect to it on the Visual Effects tab. You can split the remaining video clips and add more effects in the same way - just split the section at the start and end the effect is to be applied to and then apply it to that clip.