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Access secret settings in Google Chrome

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Google has many projects under development and many products are a work in progress. With Google everything seems to be a beta and never gets finished! Google Chrome is a great web browser and if speed is your primary concern then there is none faster. The one thing that it lacks though is features and there are alternative web browsers that offer much more. However, Chrome actually contains more features than you might think and there are lots that are classed as experimental. If you don't mind the fact that they might not be perfect or that they are a work in progress, then you can enable these hidden features and get access to some cool stuff. The secret to unlocking these features is...

To access Chrome's experimental features, start the web browser and in the address box type about:flags. You will see a long list of experiments. Also note the warning at the top of the page about it deleting all your data. It is very unlikely and you've got more chance of being struck by lightning. The worst that is likely to happen is that the browser will crash and you'll have to restart it.

One feature that is sorely missed in Chrome is a print preview and this can be enabled in the experimental features. After enabling the features you need, you'll need to restart the browser. Try enabling the Print Preview function. Then load a web page and select Print on the spanner menu. Instead of the old print dialog a new tab opens with some useful options and there's a print preview pane. Let the mouse hover over the print preview and a toolbar appears at the bottom. You can zoom in and out, fit the page to the paper, and so on.

Google Chrome print preview