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Pin SkyDrive to the Windows 7 taskbar

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Microsoft's SkyDrive online service has been given a makeover recently and it now looks quite smart. Go to skydrive.live.com and log in with your Hotmail email address/Windows Live ID. You'll then see the new interface showing a list of files and folders, and a Create: toolbar at the top. One of the interesting things about this is that if you have Windows 7 you will have the ability to pin SkyDrive to the taskbar. Once you have done this, you can access it at any time with a single click of the mouse. Your login details are remembered and so one click on the icon opens SkyDrive. It's quite a useful feature.

To pin SkyDrive to the taskbar you first need to log in with Internet Explorer 9. Then click and drag the little icon at the left side of the URL to the Windows 7 taskbar. You'll then see an option to pin it.

To upload files to your online storage space, just click the Add Files link at the top. You then select the folder you want to upload them to and then drag files from an Explorer window and drop them on SkyDrive in the web browser window. The maximum size of a file is limited to 100Mb, but would you really want to upload anything bigger?

Microsoft SkyDrive

Another thing you can do is to create shortcuts on the desktop. Suppose you have a document online in your SkyDrive called report.doc. If you click and drag this and drop it on the desktop it will create a shortcut. When you double click the desktop icon it opens the document for editing in the web-based version of Word. You can repeat the process and create shortcuts to Excel and OneNote documents stored on SkyDrive too. They will open in the corresponding web apps.