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Uninstall software with Comodo Programs Manager

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Why is it that the uninstallers provided with software do such a poor job in Windows? Every program these days comes with an uninstaller and it is added either to the Start menu or Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs in XP) in the Control Panel. Sometimes it is in both locations for convenience.

Some uninstallers are really good and they do an excellent job, so they aren't all bad. However, there are still quite a few that leave files on the disk and information in the registry. Occasionally some fail outright and only remove half of what they should do.

What is the solution to this problem? How can software be removed properly? One way is to use an uninstaller utility to remove the software, such as Comodo Programs Manager. It's free and it's well worth considering.

Go to Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs in XP) in the Control Panel and you will see a list of software installed on the computer and it is easy to select one and uninstall it. Comodo Programs Manager performs the same service and when it is run you can see a list of installed software and uninstall it. However, it goes much farther.

In addition to listing all the programs installed, it also lists all the drivers and services. You can uninstall these in the same way. It's hard to think of another uninstaller utility that does this, so it's unusual and it could be useful. It would be even more useful if there was an option to hide standard Windows drivers and services, so you can more easily see what has been added by software you have installed. As it is, you get a long list of everything and it's tedious reading through them all trying to spot something that might have been added by a program you installed, but it's possible.

Comodo Programs Manager

Programs Manager has some excellent features and it is able to monitor software and to record everything that it does. This information can then be used if you decide to uninstall it and Programs Manager is able to do a more thorough job. You don't need to run Programs Manager or do anything special, it monitors installations automatically. In fact, it will even warn you if you try to install malware, so it has a certain degree of security too. Software installed ages ago before you got Programs Manager obviously wasn't monitored, so a standard uninstall is performed for those.

A really unusual feature of Programs Manager is that when you uninstall a monitored program, there is an option to create an installer. So you can remove software from your PC and at a later date put it back exactly how it was, reinstalling it again. That's a clever idea.

There are a couple of additional features and one is to list all of Windows optional features. You can add or remove these from withing Programs Manager. Another is to list all Windows updates. This is a great freebie, so go and check it out.