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4 tips for Firefox 4

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Firefox has at long last made it to version 4. In the time that it has taken to go from 3 to 4 Google Chrome has gone from 1 to 10. Of course, version numbers are arbitrary and you could increment it every time a minor feature was added and be over 100 in a matter of months.

Tip 1

Firefox 4 has lots of new features and there are some new ways of working with the web browser that you may not have discovered. For example, If you press the Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys all together a box pops up which enables you to erase your web tracks. You can erase the last hour, two hours, four hours or today. This is a useful privacy feature if you have just been doing something in the last hour or two that you would prefer to keep private, such as online banking.

Tip 2

If you right click the forward and back buttons you get a list of the pages you have recently visited and you can click on to jump back or forward to one. It's a sort of mini browser history showing the recently visited pages and it is a useful time saver.

Tip 3

Go to Firefox, Options, Options and then select the General tab. You will see that there is a When Firefox starts item at the top. Click the button and a drop-down menu appears there is an option to start up with the windows and tabs from last time. This is a useful feature when you want to carry on from where you left off last time you used the web browser.

Tip 4

If you have lots of tabs open it can be difficult finding the one you want because they get smaller and smaller and you can't read what's on them.If you want to see a list of the tabs that are open just click in the address box and type %. A drop-down list of tabs is displayed and you can then click the one you want. You can have the tabs at the top of the window and the address box underneath or have the address box on top and the tabs underneath. Right click just to the right of the last tab in the empty space and clear or tick the Tabs on Top menu.