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Tear off Internet Explorer 9's tabs

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When you are researching a subject on the web or even if you are just browsing and see something interesting, how do you save the current page so that you can access it later? You could add it to your Favorites/bookmarks, but if it's just research or a one-off page and it isn't a website that you intend to visit every day then you don't want to add it as a Favorite/bookmark. You would end up with too many. One way to save a site so you can visit it later is to drag the icon from the left side of the address box in the web browser and drop it on the Windows desktop. This might lead to a messy desktop, but you can always create a folder and drop them in there. When you do this, a shortcut is created that, when clicked, opens the web browser and shows the web page at the website. This worked fine until Internet Explorer 9 came along and it works differently.

If you drag the icon at the left side of the address box and drop it on the desktop or in an Explorer window then it does actually create a shortcut as it did with previous versions of Internet Explorer, but it also tears off the tab. If you have three tabs open with three different web pages and drag and drop the icon to create a shortcut, Internet Explorer will have two tabs left and a brand new window displaying the one you tore off. It's irritating, but maybe that's because we're so used to the way it worked previously.

There is a solution though and if you hold down the Shift key and click and drag the icon out of the address box and drop it on the desktop or in an Explorer window then a shortcut is made as it used to. The tab isn't torn off Internet Explorer and it stays exactly as it was.