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Scan for malware with MalAware

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There are lots of viruses, Trojans, worms, adware, spyware and other undesirable programs in Windows, but there are also lots of tools available that will help you to avoid them and to clean up your PC should one slip through.

Some tools are even free and MalAware from Emisoft. This will scan your PC and list any infections that are present on the hard disk drive and then enable you to clean them up.

It's a small program that is just 1.1Mb and it doesn't need installing. You just download it and run it. It can even be carried around on a USB flash memory drive and then used on any PC to scan it.

There aren't any menus and there's just a Start button to start scanning. It is very fast and it takes just seconds to complete. However, it's not a very thorough scan and it doesn't scan with the depth provided by commercial software, or even some of the better freeware tools. You can only clean up five infections. It also nags you to download Emisoft Anti-Malware in more than one place.


MalAware isn't the best free virus/adware/spyware cleaner around, but it's free and it may help when used with other free tools, so it's worth downloading it and keeping it in your toolkit.