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2 top tips for better Google searches

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Search Twitter using Google

Twitter is a fantastic source of information, news and comment and Google can search it and tell you what is happening right now or at any time in the past. The results can be interesting and enlightening, but how do you get to them? It certainly isn't obvious and it's well hidden.

What you need to do is to enter the search term as you normally would and then when the page of results appears, click the More link in the left panel and then Updates which appears below it. You'd never guess that this meant Twitter, but you'll see that the results are then are replaced by Twitter messages from as recently as a few seconds ago.

Keep watching and the page will update itself in real-time with the latest tweets. At the top of the page is a timeline with bars showing the number of tweets about the search subject. You can click on any day or time to see the tweets that were made. The date ranges at the top enable you to show the current month or year.

Get up to date Google search results

One of the irritations of Google search results is that they frequently include outdated information on the page and it messes them up. There may be links to web pages that were written years ago, which is useful if you are performing some historical research, but normally you want up to dat information. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure that only current information is displayed in the search results. Perform the Google search as usual and then click the More search tools link in the left panel. In the side panel you can now select from Latest, Past 24 hours, Past week, Past year, or use your own specific date range. This will produce better search results.