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Change the Start menu hover behaviour in Windows 7 and Vista

Windows 7 and Vista Start menu mostly works OK, but it has one very irritating feature. When the mouse hovers over All Programs or any folder/submenu on the Start menu, it opens after a short delay. Windows 7I don't know about you, but sometimes I decide it is either taking too long or it won't automatically open or I think it's stuck. For whatever reason, I click it, only for it to open just before I click and the mouse click then closes it. So instead of the menu opening, it closes.

Sometimes I'm just thinking what program to run and accidentally open a submenu because the mouse is hovering over a folder/submenu. I end up going back and forth several times! Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem.

Right click the Start button and then select Properties from the menu that is displayed. Select the Start Menu tab in the dialog and then click the the Customize button next to Start Menu.

Scroll down the list of settings and at about half way down, clear the tick against Open submenus when I pause on them with the mouse pointer. Click OK and OK to close the dialogs.

Now you will find that submenus won't automatically open and they will only open when you click them. I find it much easier this way, but you can always return to the dialog and change the setting back if you find that it doesn't suit you.

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