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Use SkyDrive to send big files by email

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If you have a large file that you want to send someone by email it is better to store it somewhere on the web and then to just send the person a link. You can warn them that it is a large file and then they can download the file at their leisure using a web browser. This avoids the problem of clogging up their email inbox with an email with a large attachment. That's just frustrating.

If you have a Hotmail email account or anything else that will get you into Windows Live (http://home.live.com), then head for SkyDrive using the Windows Live menu at the top of the page. This free service from Microsoft provides you with a very generouse 25Gb of online storage space and there are public and private areas. You can put the file in a public folder and then just send a link to it in an email so the recipient can download it.

Obviously in a public folder it's not private, but firstly, no-one knows it's there or what the link is, and secondly, you can always add a zip password or even encrypt the file so other people can't access it.

Once you have logged in and gone to the SkyDrive section of Windows Live, you will see some default folders. If there isn't a public folder, then click the New, Folder link to create a folder and then enter a name at the prompt. You can choose whether everyyone can access the folder or just the people you select. It's your choice.

Windows Live SkyDrive

Once you have created a folder you can upload one or more files to it from the hard disk drive on your PC. Any file placed in a public folder can be accessed by anyone, so right click the file you want to send and select Copy Link Location. Then create an email and select Edit, Paste to insert the link into it. The recipient can click the link to download the file.