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Tips and secrets for Microsoft Bing search

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1. Get definitions of words and phrases

If you want to know the meaning of a word or phrase, Bing can provide definitions. For example, try entering define into the search box and then follow it with a space and the word you want to define. The results that are displayed are from online dictionaries, encyclopaedia and so on. If you move the mouse over the arrow at the right of each search results you'll see a pop-up panel with an extract from the page and this is often contains all you need to know. Bing is great for definitions.

2. Convert values from unit to another

Bing can convert one type of measurement into another, such as feet into metres, miles into km, and so on. How far is 100km in miles? Just type something like 100 km in miles to see what the answer is. Bing is clever and it understands common abbreviations, for instance, you can enter 100 f in c to convert 100 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius. Try sinilar abbreviations and see what happens.

3. Perform complex calculations and equations

Windows has a calculator that is great for simple arithmetic of course, but if you want to perform a more complex calculation, you could try Bing instead. For example, if you enter and equation like 2*(3+4), it will give the correct answer, which is 14. Try experimenting with different calculations and see how complicated the equation can get before Bing finally gives up.

Bing search calculation

4. Submit your site and make sure it's listed

If you have a website or a blog, you should make sure that Bing knows all about it by going to www.bing.com/toolbox/webmasters/ and using the Submit a site or Submit a sitemap link.