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Restore lost Firefox bookmarks

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How much do you rely on the bookmarks that you store in Firefox? Could you manage without them? What would happen if you lost some or even all of them? We spend a lot of time building up our favourite bookmarks in Firefox and an error could easily wipe them all out. You do have a backup don't you? Well, actually you do!

Firefox automatically makes backups of your web browser bookmarks every day and it stores the last five days. This is useful if you've lost or accidentally deleted bookmarks you wanted to keep because you can easily restore them from the backup. You just need to know where Firefox stores the backups and how to restore them.

Click Organise Bookmarks on the Bookmarks menu and then click Import and Backup in the Library window. Click Restore and then one of the backups. They are all dated. Older backups are automatically deleted, but if you would like to keep more than the few that are listed on the menu, there is a way to keep them as long as you want.

Click Start and enter %appdata% in Vista or Win 7 to open an Explorer window. Open the Mozilla folder, then Firefox, Profiles and then the profile folder, which is a weird name that ends .default. The bookmarkbackups folder is there and you can copy it to another folder, disk or CD-R to back it up.

If you ever need to restore one of these backups, just open the Bookmarks Manager as before and instead of selecting a dated backup on the Import and Backup menu, select the Choose a file option and then select the backup you made.