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Use WOT - Web of Trust - to avoid scams on the internet

Most websites on the internet are great and they provide useful information or services or products. Sites like Google Mail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail are trustworthy, shopping sites like Amazon are really safe and PayPal is used by millions of people for payments. However, not all websites are safe and sometimes you may find yourself on a website and wondering whether it is safe to purchase something or whether it is safe to download and install some software, or whether a service is OK to sign up to. Just how do you find out whether a website is trustworthy. That's where WOT - Web of Trust - comes in handy. It tells you which websites are safe and which aren't.

Web of Trust is a web browser add-on that can be added to Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera web browsers running on Apple Macs, Windows PCs and Linux systems. This means that you can use it no matter which browser and computer you use.

The software can be downloaded from the WOT website, but you will also find it among Firefox's add-ons and Chrome's extensions. In Firefox you select Tools, Add-ons and then enter wot into the search box. In Chrome, click the spanner icon in the top right corner and Select Extensions. Click the Get more extensions link and then type wot into the search box.

The software is slightly different depending on which browser you add it to, but is very similar across them all. In Chrome for example, a button is added to the right of the address box and it shows red if there is a problem with the website and freen if it is OK. Click it and a panel drops down that displays ratings for trustworthyness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety. You get the same icons against search results in Google searches too, which is brilliant. You can see what's safe and what isn't even before you go there.

Click the icon to see the drop-down panel and click the i (view scorecard rarting details) button for more information. This opens the WOT website and shows details ratings and comments from people that have visited the site and used it to purchase items or download files.

WOT - Web of Trust

Staying safe on the internet is easy with tools like this and you can instantly tell whether the site you are on is OK or not.