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Use Panda Cloud Cleaner to remove malware


The large number of Windows PCs makes it a tempting target for malware authors and it is hard to avoid when using the internet. Security software is a huge help and it keeps most viruses, Trojans and other types of malware out of the computer, but many anti virus programs are not perfect. There is still a very small chance that a malicious program could get onto your PC. It is useful to have a backup program just in case. No not software for backing up the PC, but a security backup. Panda Cloud Cleaner cleans malware from the disk drive and it is a free-to-use utility.

Go to Panda Cloud Cleaner and download the program. It needs installing, but it doesn't appear to add anything to Windows startup and it is safe to install alongside other security software.

Panda Cloud Cleaner
Run it after installing it and scan the computer.

Panda Cloud Cleaner

It didn't find anything, but there were three unknown registry entries. Clicking the arrow to the right of the message displays them. They were actually OK in this case, but there is an option to clean anything found if malware is detected.

That's it. It is just a simple malware clean up tool. It uses the cloud, so it accesses the results from thousands of other scans, so it should be pretty good. Try it and see if your PC is clean.

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