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Access Google Chrome's hidden settings

There is an obvious way to access Google Chrome's browser settings and you just go to the menu button and select Settings. There are many more settings than you can find there and some of them are very advanced. However, they are hidden and you won't find them unless you know the secret command to access them.

Click in the address box in Chrome and type chrome://flags to access the secret advanced settings. The settings may change over time and they are not fixed. They are experiments that may or may not become standard features. Some might not work and there is a warning at the top that explains this. However, they are well worth trying and some are quite interesting, such as the Apple Mac one at the top. Swipe down with three fingers on the trackpad while holding down the Option key and you will see an overview of all the tabs that are open.

Chrome flags

The second one down checks for conflicts with third party modules. Have you ever had an extension or other program cause problems with Chrome? Enabling this might help. Another problem solver is Print raster. This changes the way that web pages are printed and it says it may resolve issues with some printers. It's worth trying if you are experiencing printing problems.

New Apps Install Bubble (right down the list) modifies the behaviour when you install an app from the Chrome Web Store. Normally a new tab opens that shows icons for all your apps, including the new app. If you don't want to run the app straight away, it is a nuisance having to close the tab. With New Apps Install Bubble enabled instead you get a pop-up message bubble at the top right of the window. It is a simple tweak, but it's useful.

Work your way down the list and see what might be useful to you. As these are experimental features it might be worth just enabling one or two at a time and then testing Chrome to make sure it is working OK. It is best not to enable everything at once because you won't know what is causing the problem if it then crashes.

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