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Spam Strainer for Windows Free

Note: This is an old program that was written many years ago.

     Registration code = EAAFBJ

Junk email, or spam as it is called, has become a huge problem for everyone that uses the internet. Every day dozens or even hundreds of unwanted emails clog up our inboxes and the problem is getting worse. It is both tedious and time consuming having to check all the messages that arrive, decide whether they are useful or not, and delete the junk.

Spam Strainer is designed to help keep your POP3 email inbox clear of junk email messages. It does this by checking your email server to see what messages are waiting. It then marks the ones it thinks are spam and with a click of a button, they are all deleted for you. You can then run your email program and retrieve the remaining messages - the ones you actually want.


When running on Windows Vista/Win7, you must right click the program and select Run As Administrator - even if you are already logged on as an administrator. Alternatively, turn off UAC (User Account Control).

Several techniques are used to identify spam and in addition to these, you can define rules, blacklists, and whitelists. Rules look for keywords and phrases commonly used in spam, blacklists are used to block known senders of spam, and whitelists are used to ensure that your friends, relatives, and business contacts always get through and are never classed as spam.

Spam Strainer is free. There's nothing to pay and you can keep it forever. However, only the first email account is cleaned - any others you add are ignored. At any time you can upgrade to the Pro version by entering a registration code. When you enter the registration code up to 25 email accounts will be cleaned and several useful features are added.


Spam Strainer Free

Spam Strainer Pro

  • Only the first email account is cleaned (you can add more than one account, but they will not be cleaned)
  • Up to 25 email accounts can be created and cleaned
  • Quick email check tells you how many messages are waiting on the server
  • Mark all messages for deletion
  • Mark all messages for blacklisting
  • Change messages marked for deletion to messages for blacklisting
  • Delete large emails stuck on the email server

Requirements: Windows Vista, XP, 98, ME, POP3 email account (not Hotmail, Yahoo! mail or Google Mail)

     Registration code = EAAFBJ