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Uninstall and clean up with Revo Uninstaller

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There are two versions of Revo Uninstaller and there is a choice between Free and Pro. The free version isn't as up to date as the Pro version and it's v1.91 compared to the Pro's 2.51. It is also a 32-bit program, which doesn't mean it won't run on 64-bit Windows, it will, but it isn't quite as good as a 64-bit program would be. Still, it's free and it helps to uninstall software more thoroughly than using Windows uninstallers in Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

Revo Uninstaller Revo Uninstaller (Windows)

This free uninstaller cannot monitor installations or save system snapshots before and after installing software. Instead it is a simple cleanup too. It presents a list of installed software and you can double click one to remove it if you no longer want it.

The application's uninstaller is run, but afterwards the disk and registry are scanned to check that all traces have been removed. There are Safe, Moderate and Advanced scans and Moderate is the default. A list of registry items is displayed and you can tick the junk keys you want to remove. Files remaining on the disk are listed and once again tick boxes enable you to select the items to delete. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good for a free tool.

IObit Uninstaller

The program interface is OK and there is a list of installed programs in the main part of the window, a toolbar across the top that changes depending on the action you are performing, and a panel on the left that lets you access various tools.

A interesting feature is Hunter Mode. Switch to this and the program hides and a small target icon is displayed on the desktop. You can drag this and drop it on any program you want to uninstall. Where this comes in handy is with programs that start automatically with Windows, such as pop-ups and icons at the right side of the taskbar, but you don't know what is causing them. Just drop the Hunter Mode target on them.

When you uninstall a program a system restore point is made. An Autorun manager shows the files that are loading with Windows and lets you disable ones you don't want and a Junk Files Cleaner scans the hard disk drive for temporary files and other unnecessary ones. There is a Browsers Cleaner that erases the caches used by popular web browsers and there is a Microsoft Office Cleaner that clears the recent documents history.

The Pro version is much better, but Revo Uninstaller Free isn't bad and it can be useful to have around.