Race Form Cracker
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  Short description:
Using just the data printed in daily newspapers, Race Form Cracker will identify the horse with the best chance of winning in any race. You can use it to analyse the huge amount of information available - rider and trainer skills, weight carried, race conditions, horse's age, form and fitness, and so on. By processing this information using its powerul analysis routines, Race Form Cracker will show you the horse with the best chance of winning.


  • Uses the information printed in daily newspapers
  • No need for specialist papers or information
  • Easy to use - you just enter the information and let the program do all the calculations
  • Rates every horse that is running and shows the best and worst
  • Minimal data input, maximum performance
  • Predictions can be stored or printed out - to take to the track or bookies!
  • Most races can be input in under 10 minutes

Long description:
Race Form Cracker! is a powerful program which is designed to help you analyse the horse racing information printed in daily newspapers and identify the horse with the best chance of winning. It enables you to enter the details for any number of horse races with unlimited horses in each one. (You are only limited by the amount of free ram.) All the relevant information that might affect the outcome of the race can be stored - the horses, their form, the weight carried, the riders, trainers, and so on.

It takes about a minute to enter a horse, so even races with many runners can easily be entered and analysed. All the information you require is in the daily newspapers and there is no need for specialist racing papers.

The program then analyses the data, combining artificial intelligence and a powerful prediction engine to predict the outcome of the race. Not only is the winner predicted, but also the second, third and fourth place horses - in fact the whole field is graded and sorted according to their skills and form. Each race can be stored and can be printed out to take to the track... or the bookies!

The details for each horse can be entered in around a minute, and a whole race takes little more than five to 10 minutes. Then select the Predict menu option and let Race Form Cracker show you the horse with the best chance of winning.

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