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RAW Computing privacy policy

Privacy is an important issue and you may be wondering what information is collected about you, how it is stored and how it is used. This page should answer your questions, but if you need further information then feel free to email using the address at the foot of the page.

Web server logs

Web servers record all access and they write logs that store the page, image or other item requested, the IP address of the computer that requested it, and a few other things. Website owners analyse the web server logs to see which pages are most popular, to check for problems, to see which web browser visitors are using, and what time of day most people visit. All websites do this. Web server logs can't tell who was using a computer and the only indentifying information is an IP address, which is a series of numbers.


There are adverts on this website that may store similar information to web server logs. They may or may not use this information to display adverts or record which adverts have been displayed on a computer. This website is no different to any other website with adverts on and it cannot personally identify you.


Websites can store cookies on your computer, which are small files that can contain useful information such as your preferences, username and so on. Only the website that created a cookie can access the information stored in one. The RAW Computing website does not store cookies or save any information. It cannot identify you. Advertisers may store cookies, but again they cannot personally identify you.

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