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Use Finder's title bar icon in OS X on the Apple Mac

Some features in OS X on the Apple Mac are really obvious and they can be seen straight away, but there are other features that are not so noticeable. In fact, there may be features that have been there from the start and you just haven't found them yet. After months or even years of using OS X, you might discover a shortcut and then wonder why you never used it before. Here's one little feature in OS X on the Mac that you may have missed and it is all to do with the icon in the title bar of Finder windows. Have you ever noticed this icon? Have you ever tried to click it? Right click it? Click and drag it? What happens?

Open a Finder window and in the middle of the title bar at the top is the icon for the folder. There are several different ones depending on the folder selected. If you click it with the mouse you will notice that it highlights. This gives us a clue that it does something. However, left clicking doesn't seem to do much apart from flashing the icon.

You will find that you can click and drag the folder off the title bar and drop it on the desktop or in another Finder window. This moves the currently displayed folder to the new location on the disk drive. Don't do this with your Documents or Applications folder, or any other system folder. (Actually, the latest version of OS X is intelligent enough not to move system folders.) If you want to try it, open a folder that's not important, then click and drag the icon in the Finder title bar to the desktop. The folder is moved and the Finder window then displays the parent folder of the original. That can be useful when you are moving files and folders around the disk drive.

If you right click (Ctrl+click) the icon in Finder's title bar, a pop-up list of folders is displayed. You can see the current folder, the parent folder, that folder's parent and so on. It goes right back to the top level. So if you are in Documents, for example, in my case it shows Documents, roland, Users, Macintosh HD, Roland Waddilove's Macbook. You'll have something similar, but with your user name and Mac name. You can click any of these locations to jump to that folder.

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