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Make sure you have the latest RSS feeds in Mail

RSS feeds are a great way to make sure you don't miss the latest updates and news on your favourite websites.

If you are browsing a site and see an orange RSS feed button on the page or the blue RSS feed button at the right-hand side of Safari's address box, you can click it to see the feed.

In the Actions section of the panel on the right hand side of the pane is a Subscribe in Mail link. Clicking it adds the feed to Mail.

When you start Mail it goes online and fetches the latest updates for the RSS feeds you have subscribed to, but not always and sometimes it's not up to date.

There's a simple way to make sure the feeds are updated though.

Apple Mac Mail update RSS feedsIf you right click one of the feeds in the left hand panel in Mail, you can choose the option to Update All RSS Feeds.

This is usually OK and you will see the spinning gear icon next to each feed as it is updated.

However, even this does not seem to get every single update and still some are missing.

If you right click a feed in the left panel and select Update "Whatever it's called" then Mail will go and get all the updates just for that feed.

Quite often you will see it add several more news stories to the list. It doesn't always get more, presumably because it already has them all, but sometimes it doesn't, so manually click this update menu option to make sure.

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