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Find your Address Book contacts using Google Maps

Address Book is a handy tool for keeping track of your friends, work associates, and businesses and a variety of information can be stored abut each one. If you have entered the address of a person or company you can easily find where they are using Google Maps. You don't need to start Safari, go to Google Maps, and then manually copy the address into the search box in order to find it and you can go straight to a map from within Address Book.

Open Address Book and select a contact with an address. If you (left) click the 'home' or 'work' field name displayed in gray, a pop-up menu appears and one of the options is Map This Address. Click it and Google Maps opens in Safari and displays a map with the location highlighted. You can see the traffic, get directions and all the other things you can normally do with Google Maps.

You can also right click (or Control+click) the address itself and a different menu pops up. This has many options, but two that are of interest here are Show Map and Search in Google. Show Map is the same as before, but Search in Google gives a different result. At the top of the page is a mini Google Map showing the location, but the rest of the page shows ordinary search results. This is most useful for addresses of companies rather than family and friends and it can turn up useful information.

There is a third action and if you double click a word in the address, such as the company name, street name, town or city, and then right click you can choose Search in Google and get a mini map and search results for that word.

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