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Customise the Finder toolbar

The Finder toolbar can be customised and you can add functions that you need the most and remove items that you rarely use. We saw this in an earlier tip. There is actually more than this though, and you can add your own toolbar buttons that take you to your favourite folders or run your favourite programs when they are clicked.

Open a Finder window and display a folder that you would like to add to the toolbar as a button. Click and drag the folder icon from the Finder window and hold it just to the left of the search box. You may see the current items move to make space for it. You can then drop it and an icon is added to the toolbar. This will be a normal folder icon with regular folders, but if it is a special one, such asthe Public folder, then a special icon will be used in the toolbar.

You can repeat the process with programs in the Applications folder and you can drag your favourite ones to the toolbar.

If you change your mind about a new toolbar button and want to get rid of it, just Ctrl+click it and select Remove Item from the menu that is displayed.

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