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Create bulleted lists in Stickies

Stickies doesn't appear to have many formatting options apart from choosing the font and style of the text, but there is a facility to create bulleted lists. However, it is not obvious how you do this because it's not on any of the menus. If you have a new Mac and start Stickies you'll see bullets in one of the two example notes that are provided. If you've had your Mac a while then you have probably deleted them though. How are bulleted lists created?

To create a bullet hold down the Option key (labelled Alt) and press Tab. Type in the text and press Return to create another bullet point or press Return twice to stop adding bullets.

Select bullet styles in Stickies

Apple Mac memory monitorIf you have just tried to create a bulleted list in Stickies you might be disappointed with the bullet itself, which is a rather thin and almost invisible dash.

It's weak and not very attractive, and you might have scoured the menus looking for some way to change it.

There isn't a menu option to format bullets, but there is a way to do it and there are a wide range of bullet types to choose from. It's not obvious how to select them though.

Hold down the Ctrl key and click a bullet point in a Stickies note. Select Note and a little window appears that has several options.

You can add a prefix and a suffix, and if you click the Bullet/Number menu you will see a variety of bullet styles, numbers, letters, Roman numerals and more. Just select the type you want in your sticky note.

Search from Stickies

If you have jotted down something in a sticky note you might at some point want to search for information in it. For example, you might want to find files on the Mac that are referred to in a note or to search the web for something that you wrote down. These tasks as very easy to perform - once you know how to do it.

Hightlight a word or phrase in a sticky note - double click a word to highlight it or click and drag the mouse over a phrase. Then hold down the Ctrl key and click the highlighted word/phrase. There are two search options and you can either search using Spotlight or Google. Select the one you want and either a Spotlight search window opens or Safari opens to show the results.

Click and drag in Stickies

Here are a few useful actions you can perform with the mouse: Click once to insert the cursor in the text, double click on a word to select it, and tripple click to select the whole paragraph. You can click and drag whatever is selected and drop it somewhere else in the text to move it.

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