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Select URLs in Safari's address box

Suppose you have been browsing the web and you want to go to Yahoo!, Cnet or some other place and there is an extra long URL in Safari's address box. You have to click in the box and then delete the current URL before you can type in the new one.

It's irritating and time consuming, but there's a shortcut. Click the mouse three times quickly in the the address box and the currely URL is completely selected. You can then just type in the new URL and it will replace the selection. It's a useful time saver.

Save time with Safari keyboard shortcuts

There are a number of useful keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Safari, for example, if you want to search for something at Google, just press Command+Option+F. It sends the cursor to the search box and you can start typing straight away. To open a link in a new tab, but stay on the current page, hold down the Command key as you click it. If you want to open a link in a new tab and go straight to it, hold down Command+Shift as you click it.

Now here's a weird one, to close all the tabs except one, hold down the Option key and click the close button of the one you want to keep. It's a bit counter intuitive clicking the close button to keep it open, but that's life. To see a list of pages you recently visited, position the mouse pointer over the the forward or back buttons and press and hold the mouse button down until a list is displayed.

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