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Safari: Get a list of URLs

Safari URL listIf you hold down the Ctrl key as you click the title bar in Safari a pop-up menu of related URLs is displayed. For example, if you are at http://www.apple.com/getamac/whymac you'll get that URL, http://www.apple.com/getamac/, and http://www.apple.com/.

It basically lists every subfolder from your current location. Just click the one you want to jump straight to that part of the website. (This tip works in Finder windows too.)

Safari: Reset and clear to solve problems

If you are having a problem with Safari or a more general problem with a website, you should try resetting the web browser and clearing the cache. Click Safari, Reset Safari and then Safari, Empty cache.

Safari: Manage your bookmarks

When you add bookmarks in Safari you can add them to either the Bookmarks menu or the Bookmarks toolbar. As you add bookmarks you may find that you have added one or more to the wrong place, the title is too long, or the bookmarks are badly oranised. Don't worry because you can easily rearrange them, rename them and remove ones you don't want.

Select Bookmarks, Show all bookmarks to display the Bookmarks manager. In the panel on the left is Bookmarks Bar and Bookmarks Menu. Click either one to view the bookmarks you have stored. You can click and drag a bookmark an drop it on either the Menu or Bar collection in the left-hand panel to move it. You can also drag a bookmark in the Bookmarks Menu list and drop it on the Bookmarks Bar at the top to add it. The order of the items in the bookmarks bar can be changed by clicking and dragging an item to a new position. You can also click and drag an item off the Bookmarks Bar and drop it in the Bookmarks Menu list of URLs too.

You'll notice that some items on the Bookmarks Bar are items that you can click to go, but others are drop-down menus that display additional items or even sub-menus with items. How are these created? It's easy to create your own drop-down menu in the Bookmarks Bar. Select Bookmarks Bar on the left and then choose Add Bookmarks folder on the Bookmarks menu. Name the new folder and then click, drag and drop items on it to move them to it. This is a great way to organise your bookmarks.

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