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View multiple files in Preview (10.4/5)

If you have a file in a Finder window that you want to view you can usually double click it to open it. OS X PreviewPreview is used to display many image files like JPEGs and PNGs, and also PDFs. Preview is an excellent tool, of course, but it is also a large application that takes several seconds to load and viewing multiple files means quitting Preview or closing the current file and double clicking the next one.

There is a much better way to view multiple files in Preview and you can just click the first file in the Finder window and then hold down Shift and click the last one (it's best to do this in List View, of course).

Now you can double click any of the files you selected files and they will all be opened in Preview.

What happens next all depends on the type of files that you selected and PDFs, for example, are all opened in separate windows.

A group of images, however, are all opened in the same window. A Sidebar opens on the right of the Preview window to display thumbnails of all the items you selected and you can click any of them to display the image.

Sort and resize Preview thumbnails (10.4/5)

In the last tip we saw how to select and view multiple files, such as a collection of images in Preview. All the images are displayed as thumbnails in Preview's Sidebar. At the bottom of the Sidebar are some useful controls. For example, there is a short horizontal slider and this changes the size of the thumbnails, making them larger or smaller.

There is also an Actions button (like in Finder windows) and clicking this displays a menu that enables you to sort the items by various attributes, such as name, date, size and so on. You can also email an image or send it to iPhoto.

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