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Disable login items (10.4/5)

Is your Mac taking longer to start up and get goping than it used to? Does it seem slower now than when you bought it? OS X login itemsThe problem could be that lots of programs are automatically loading in the background when OS X starts up.

To see what's loading with OS X click the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen and then select System Preferences.

Click Accounts in the System section and then select your account on the left. Click the Login Items tab and you will see a list of the programs that automatically load when OS X starts up.

If there is an item that you don't want, clear the tick box to hide it. Sometimes programs are installed and they automaticallty add themselves to the Login Items list, but when you remove them they leave the entry and it's not deleted. If you see any references to uninstalled software, select them and click the minus symbol to delete it.

Some programs enable you to configure whether they start automatically with OS X, usually the option is among the preferences. Use it to stop it loading if you don't need it.

Copy and paste files (10.4/5)

If you want to copy a file from one place on the hard disk drive to another using Finder you can select it with the mouse then press Command+C to copy it, navigate to the destination folder and press Command+V to paste it.

What if the destination is not a Finder window? You might want to copy a file and paste it into an application, such as Mail so you can email it. In some cases you will find that the whole file is pasted into the application, but in other cases you will find that only the filename is pasted in. It all depends on how the application works and there doesn't seem to be a standard.

If you only want to copy a filename and not the whole file, don't click the file's icon and press Command+C, click the file's name. This puts you into edit mode, which is normally used for renaming files, Now press Command+C to copy the filename, which is a text item rather than a file object. You can then paste the filename into the application in the usual way. Just one more thing, by default a file's extension is not automatically selected by default, so after clicking a file's name you can press Command+A to select the whole name including the extension before pressing Cpommand+C to copy it.

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