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Pin notes to the desktop in OS X Mountain Lion

There are some great new apps available when you upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion on the Apple Mac. Notes, for example, is a handy place to jot down things you need to remember. One of the best features is the way that it uses iCloud to sync the notes with other Macs, iPhones and iPads you may own. Another useful feature is the way it can be used to pin notes to the desktop. This makes them permanently visible and you won't forget about something that is important. Here's how to do it.

OS X NotesClick Notes in the Dock to start it and if you don't already have a note that you can use, click the plus button at the bottom of the window and add one. The note title appears in the list on the left and the note body is displayed on the right.

If you double click one of the notes in the list it opens up in a separate window. This is a regular window with close, minimise and maximise buttons, it can be moved by clicking and dragging the title bar, and resized by clicking and dragging any of the sides. The close button doesn't delete the note and it simply closes the window. The note is still there in the Notes app.

To pin a note to the desktop and make it stay there, double click it in the list to open it in its own window. Then you can minimise the Notes app. When you shut down the Mac, make sure the box is ticked: Reopen windows when logging back in. This automatically restores the note you pinned to the desktop.

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