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Share files stored on iCloud on the Apple Mac

If you are running OS X Mountain Lion on the Apple Mac, you have access to online storage using iCloud. If you have stored files online you might want to share them with friends or co-workers. Sending iCloud files to others is easy.

Applications like TextEdit and Preview have iCloud built in and when you run them they display the files on iCloud by default. You can also view them by clicking File, Open, iCloud. If there are no files in iCloud, just open a Finder window and drag one to the window. Drop it and it is uploaded to iCloud.

If you want to share a file with someone, right click the file and select Share. The options are Email, Message and AirDrop. Choose Email and Mail opens a new email message is created and the file is added as an attachment. Multiple files can be added as attachments. Click the first in iCloud to select it and then Command+click the others you want to share. Right click one of them and select Share.

Share iCloud files

Emails can be sent to anyone of course, but if the person is a Mac user you could use the Message option. Select one or more files, right click and select Share, Message. Just start typing into the To box that appears and then select the person from the list (it matches people as you type).

The AirDrop option is useful if the person you want to share a file with is on the same local network. You both need to have AirDrop of course, so you can't share files this way with old Macs running old versions of OS X. It has to be a recent Mac running Lion or Mountain Lion.

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