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Dash is a handy coding manual on the Apple Mac

Whether you write apps for iOS or OS X, create web pages in HTML, CSS and PHP or use Python, Ruby, WordPress, Drupal or even Android, Dash has the documentation you need. That's just a small selection of a long list of manuals that you can add to Dash and it is a useful resource for anyone that does any type of coding. Dash is free in the Mac App store (use the search box to find it) and with a cat as an icon, it's something you may have overlooked, but it's well worth installing.

Dash does not come with any manuals and this is so that the app does not contain lots of manuals for things you don't need. The first time you run the app you need to go to Preferences, Downloads and select the documentation you want.

Disk Utility

After installing the manuals you need, the left panel lists them and you can use the search box to find what you need, such as a definition or usage of a command or function, or you can browse by expanding the manual and drilling down through the sections to find what you want. Select a command or function and you can read a summary, see examples, related items, bits of cide and so on. There are lots of hyperlinks to other information and commands/functions.

There is nothing in the manuals that you can't find online, but it is more convenient to access it in this app. Everything you need is in one place that is easy to browse and search.

An additional function of Dash is code snippets. Anyone that creates apps, web pages and so on, finds that they use the same bits of code over and over again. These bits of code can be saved as snippets in Dash and you can build up a library of useful code functions that you can easily browse and re-use. What's even more useful is that you can type the name of a code snippet in your web designer, code editor or whatever you use and the code is automaticlaly inserted. It can save a lot of typing.

Go here for the author's website, or just search for Dash in the Mac App Store.

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