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Recover lost photos with EaseUS Mac Photo Recovery

We have all lost files at some point in time and it can be a very frustrating experience. The lost files may be vital to our work or important for other reasons, such as photos of a once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding or special holiday. If you have lost some wedding photos you can hardly get everyone back to take them again!

Sometimes lost files are simply not where you thought they were. For example, you thought you saved a file in your Pictures folder, but you saved it to the Public folder by mistake. So the file isn't lost, it is just misplaced. Before you panic you should use Spotlight to try to find the file you lost because it may be on the hard disk drive somewhere. However, Spotlight only searches certain folders and it doesn't look everywhere on the disk drive. There are other utilities that do though, such as Easy Find and Find Any File. Don't forget to look in the Trash!

If you have searched for the file or files and can't find them, they must have been deleted. When a file is deleted on a disk drive the space it occupies is simply marked as free and available for use. If there is a lot of free space on the disk drive then OS X might not re-use the space the file occupies for some time - hours, days or even weeks. You never know. During this period the file can be recovered with the right utility.

EaseUS has a number of file recovery tools and I tried Mac Photo Recovery Free. It doesn't just recover photos and MP3s are included too. The software is probably just a custom version of one of the other file recovery tools, but it's free so who's complaining? There is a Pro version with more features if you need them and the freebie encourages you to upgrade.

EaseUS Mac Photo Recovery Free

It is very easy to use and the opening screen has Quick Recovery, Deep Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery. I dragged a photo from the desktop to the Trash and then emptied the Trash. Normally you would not be able to recover a file once the Trash has been emptied, but running Mac Photo Recovery Free's Quick Recovery found the file and it was restored.

EaseUS Mac Photo Recovery Free

This was a simple test and real world situations are rarely this straightforward. It may be days before you realise that a file has been lost and it may have been overwritten on the disk by the time you get around to running Mac Photo Recovery. However, my simple tests do show that if a file is there, then it can be recovered and it was very easy to do.

A surprise was the way that the recovered file was saved. I recovered a file and then couldn't find it. It turns out that the recovery operation recreates the directory structure, so if you recover a file from the desktop then it is saved to whatever location you select/users/youraccount/desktop. This is useful when you are recovering multiple files in case they have identical names, but it is confusing the first time you recover a file.

I like EaseUS Mac Photo Recovery Free and it is well worth downloading it and installing it on your Mac. Of course, there is Time Machine, but that only works if you have a second disk drive to back up to and not everyone has.

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