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Date: 5th september 2011

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OS X Lion Tweaks freeware

Are you having trouble finding the Library folder in OS X Lion on the Apple Mac? Where has it gone? Do you like the new leather look that iCal has been given or do you wish you could restore the original grey look? Are the new scrollbars irritating you? Do you wonder what files are hidden on the disk?

There are lots of features in Lion that you might wish you could change and these are just a few of them. Fredrik Wiker has written a Lion Tweaks app that enables you to customise a collection of these items and remove the irritations. It's free (donations welcome though), so why not download it and try it?

This is a simple one-screen app and what you see is what you get - just simple yes/no buttons to turn various features on and off. Some of them are not specific to Lion and enabling/disabling hidden files is a common tweak that we have been using for years and you may already know it. Others are Lion-specific, such as the ability to show the user library, which is hidden by default. You can make it visible by typing in a command in a Terminal window, but it's a lot easier to click a button in Lion Tweaks.

Lion Tweaks

It is a simple and straightforward app to use, but it is very easy to install, easy to remove and it's free of charge. What more do you want from software?

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