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Date: 15th August 2011

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OS X Lion: Restart after a crash!

It is not hard to find people that claim Windows crashes all the time and it is a very unstable operating system and the Apple Mac never crashes. It just works. It's simply not true and Windows doesn't crash anywhere near as often as some people say and Apple Macs do indeed crash.

Applications can freeze in OS X and to prove the point, there is a new configuration setting in OS X Lion that enables you to decide what to do if the computer freezes. See, even Apple admits that Macs freeze. Here's the new setting.

Go to the Apple menu in the top left corner and click System Preferences Click Energy Saver and there is a new setting on both the Batter and Power Adapter tabs: Restart automatically if the computer freezes.

Whether you want this to happen or not is up to you and there isn't a right or wrong setting. If a Mac is used as a shared resource that other computers access, you might want to tick this box. Then if the Mac freezes it will automatically restart and the shared resources will become available again.

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