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Use multiple desktops (10.5)

Multiple desktops is not a new idea and it has been around for years, but it is new to OS X and 10.5 has a feature called Spaces. It basically give you two or more desktops. You can easily switch from one desktop to another and the benefit is that you can have different programs or windows on each desktop.

For example, suppose you are creating a newsletter. You will need to have your word processor or DTP software and a photo editing package running at the same time. You will need to write text and prepare photos at the same time and the desktop can become cluttered. Not so with Spaces, just put your word processor or DTP program on one desktop and the photo editor on another. You can switch from one to the other with a mouse click or keypress and you don't need to play hunt the hidden window!

OS X Spaces

To enable Spaces, go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences, then click Expose and Spaces. Select Spaces. Tick Enable Spaces and tick Show Spaces in menu bar. To switch from one desktop to another you can click the icon in the menu bar and select it, or press F8 and click the one you want. Pressing F8 displays thumbnails of the desktops and you can drag an application or window from one desktop to another.

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