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Organise your RSS feeds in Mail

RSS feeds are a great way to keep up with the latest news and changes at your favourite websites. Go to www.myosxfreeware.com for example and you'll see an RSS icon at the right side of the address box in Safari. Click it to see the RSS feed and and you can subscribe to it in Mail by clicking the link in the right-hand panel. It appears in Mail's left panel below your mail boxes and other items. At first this is fine, but as the number of RSS feed subscriptions builds up, the list becomes too long and you need some way of organising them to reduce the clutter and make them easier to find and access. Here are a couple of tips for organising RSS feeds in Mail on the Mac.

When you add an RSS feed subscription to Mail, it is usually given a logical name, but this doesn't always happen and sometimes the name isn't so good. It may be long and obscure. Right click (Ctrl+click) an RSS feed and select Rename to change the name to something more descriptive and friendly.

Another thing you can do is to create folders for different categories of RSS feed. For example, some feeds will be from news websites and you could create a News folder that contains all these feeds. If you're interested in golf and have subscribed to RSS feeds from golf websites, you could create a Golf folder to store all the feeds. The folders you need will depend on your interests, so everyone will have different folders. Here's how to create one.

Go to the Mailbox folder in Mail and select New Mailbox. In the Location pop-up menu choose RSS, enter a name and click OK. The folder will appear in the RSS section in Mail's left panel. Now just click and drag RSS feeds to the folder to move them.

There are some useful things you can do with folders, for example, if you right click (Ctrl+click) a folder containing feeds you'll see a menu option to update the feeds that it contains. Feeds are automatically updated by Mail, but sometimes it's not as up to date as it could be, so it's useful to manually update them to get the absolute latest news items.

Also on the right click menu are options to rename the folder and delete it. Don't delete it if it contains feeds you want to kee though! Move them out by clicking and dragging first. You'll find that you can also create folders within folders, so you could create a News folder that contained Apple News and Golf News subfolders if you wanted.

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