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Time Manager for Apple Mac OS X

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Time Manager is a handy utility that is designed to help you to plan tasks, projects and things to do more easily than trying to remember everything in your head. It neatly fits in the gap that exists between a complex project management application and a simple task or to-do list widget.

The software gives you a greater degree of control and many more options than a basic task or to-do list tool and it has greater ease of use and simplicity than a full blown project management application.

When you have projects to plan and tasks to complete Time Manager is the ideal solution. Take it for a test drive and see for yourself. It's free to download the fully functional application and use it for 30 days. Buy a registration code and you can continue using it forever.


  • Create any number of projects
  • Set project priorities
  • Set project start and due dates
  • Enter a project's fixed costs
  • Set a budget for a project
  • Calculate the total cost of a project
  • Add any number of tasks
  • Set task priorities
  • Set task start and due dates
  • Add fixed costs for a task
  • Set the charge per hour for a task
  • Record the number of times a task is worked on
  • Record the time spent on each task
  • Calculate the cost of each task
  • Display, save print a project report
  • Display, save print a task report
  • Display, save print a time report

Requirements: Apple OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6

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Screen shot

Time Manager

Create your first project

There are three lists in the main window and these are Projects, Tasks, and Times. You first need to create a project, so either click the icon above the Project list or select New Project on the Project menu. You must enter a name, start date and due date. It's not essential, but you might find it useful to enter the budget for the project (don't enter currency symbols), any fixed costs, a description, and a priority. Click OK and the project is added to the Project list. You can view or edit the project details by selecting the project in the list and clicking the Edit button.

Add a task

A project must have at least one tasks and it could have as many as you need. Click the New Task icon above the Task list or select New Task on the Task menu. A task must have a name, start date and due date, the rest is optional. If you enter the cost per hour and any fixed costs, whenever you work on this task they will be added to the total project cost automatically.

Record the time spent on a task

Now that you have a project and a task, whenever you work on the task you should click the Timer Start icon above the Times list. The task will be recorded and the cost calculated. Click the Stop Timer icon when you stop working on a task - don't forget or the times and costs will not be accurate!

Note: All editing functions are disabled when recording a task. If you need to edit a project or task, or create new ones, you must stop the timer.

Show the project, task or time report

There are three reports and you can view, print and save each one. The project report shows a project summary, the task report shows a summary of the tasks, and a time report shows the times for a selected task. Reports as saved as RTF files and can be loaded by any word processor if you need to edit them further.

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