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A free and flexible multi-file rename utility (Mac)

It is very tedious renaming a group of files individually and giving them descriptive filenames. Wouldn't it be much easier if there was a batch rename utility that could do the job for us and rename files sequentially, or based on the date or time? If you have always wanted such a tool then here's where to get a great multi-file rename utility for free.

View hidden files in Finder on the Apple Mac

When you want to browse the disk drive and see what files are stored on it you open a Finder window and it displays them. Or does it? Well, it actually only displays some of the files and it does not show all of them. The reason is that some files on the disk are hidden. A simple tweak is all it takes to make hidden files visible.

Stop Spotlight indexing everything on OS X

We've all saved a file and the next day, week or month, we can't find where it is. Gremlins seem to move files around while we're asleep! Spotlight is a great tool for finding files, but you might not want it to index everything. Build an exclusion list.

Take control of Mail attachments on the Mac

Mail on the Apple Mac looks very straightforward and it is easy to send and receive messages. Even dealing with email attachments looks simple. However, there is more than meets the eye and there are some features related to attachments that you may not be aware of. Here is a guide to enable you to take control of Mail attachments.

Tidy up the Open With menu in OS X on the Mac

Double clicking a file opens it in the default app. If you want to open it in a different app you right click it and select Open With. It's a great feature, but the Open With menu fills with duplicates. Clean up the Open With menu.

How to access hidden features in Finder on the mac

There are lots of hidden features in OS X. Sometimes it is months or years before you discover them and you can still be surprised by a hidden feature. Here are tips you may not know.

Scan for wireless networks on the Apple Mac

Wi-Fi is one of the best inventions for years, but do you suffer from poor connectivity, weak signals and intermittent access? The solution is to scan for networks to identify potential problems.

Share files stored on iCloud on the Mac

If you are running OS X Mountain Lion on the Apple Mac, you have access to online storage using iCloud. If you have stored files online you might want to share them with friends or co-workers. Sending iCloud files to others is easy.

Securely encrypt USB flash drives

We tend to lose small devices like USB flash drives (thumbdrives, pen drives) and we drop them, we leave them in computers, they fall out of our pocket, and so on. Encrypt it in case you lose it.

3 top tips for Spotlight

Don't open Spotlight files, customise Spotlight categories, and stop Spotlight finding files you don't want it to find. Learn how to use some lesser known features in Spotlight. Go here for the tips...

Customise Finder's toolbar and create instant slide shows

Here are a couple of tips written way back when Leopard was the current version of OS X on the Mac, but they still work fine on Lion today. Some things never change it seems.

Use PDF security features to lock access

It is sometimes useful to save documents not in their native form, but in PDF format instead so others can view your document. Here's the security features you need...

Fix Lion key repeat and Launchpad shortcut

OS X Lion has some oddities, like preventing a key from repeating when it is held down and not assigning a keyboard shortcut to Launchpad. Fix these flaws.

View related messages in Mail

You can select a message and Organize by Conversation or Show Related Messages. What is the difference between a conversation and a related message?

Dash is a handy coding manual on the Apple Mac

Whether you write apps for iOS or OS X, create web pages in HTML, CSS and PHP or use Python, Ruby, WordPress, Drupal or even Android, Dash has the documentation you need. It is a useful resource for anyone that does any type of coding and it's free in the Mac App store.

Take control of Java on your Apple Mac

Malware like Flashback has exploited security flaws in Java on the Mac to infect it with a Trojan. This article answers key questions regarding Java. Find out here

Repair and manage disk drives using Diskutil

Diskutil has lots of functions.Learning a few could help in certain situations, such as when you can't run Disk Utility. Here's quick guide.

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Old software

I wrote these apps a long time ago using RealBasic, which is a pretty good implimentation of Basic for the Mac and it's much much easier to write software using it than with any other programming language. These apps are really old so they may or may not work!

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