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RAW App Remover 2 for Apple Mac OS X

Use this free registration code: 1031

Uninstall and clean up
MacKeeper not only uninstalls software, it has a lot of additional cleanup and tune-up tools as well. It removes applications, widgets, preference panes and plugins too. It can find duplicate files, uninstall languages you never use, clear caches and logs, and much more.


MacKeeper is a great program for keeping your Mac running smoothly and I recommend it.

Uninstalling software on the Apple Mac looks quite a simple task. After all, you just drag the application you no longer need to the Trash folder and the job's done. Or is it? Actually, this will remove some files, but not all of them. Mac applications store data, caches, logs, preferences and other files in lots of different folders on the hard disk drive and dragging just the app from the Applications folder to the Trash won't remove them. The result is that you have lots of old files and folders cluttering up the disk drive and in extreme cases they might even slow down the performance a bit.

To remove an application properly you need to search the hard disk drive for these additional files and folders and delete them. Doing this manually is possible, but it is tedious and time consuming. You also need to know where to look for the files and folders and be able to view hidden items because some files and folders cannot be seen in the Finder.

RAW App Remover solves the problem by uninstalling software for you. It finds the files associated with an application and moves them to the Trash.


  • Starts in safe mode - it's unlikely to delete anything it shouldn't
  • Expert mode - experts can find and delete additional files
  • Preview - view the files to be deleted and keep any items you want
  • Keeps a log - shows the files that have been deleted
  • Nothing is lost - files are only moved to the Trash
  • Efficient - finds files other uninstallers miss

Requirements: Apple OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6

Use this free registration code: 1031

How to use RAW App Remover

Removing an application from your computer that you no longer need involves searching for the files that are associated with it. RAW App Remover tries to find those files and is basically a customised search tool.

Step 1: Select the app to remove. Open a Finder window and go to the Applications folder. Now drag any application or folder to the bin in the RAW App Remover window and drop it. Alternatively, select the Pick an app tab and select an application. Click Next.

RAW App Remover

Step 2: Edit the search terms. RAW App Remover searches for files associated with an application and it does this by looking for the name and variations of it. For example, if you are deleting an application called SuperBackup.app then the search terms will be 'SuperBackup.app' and 'SuperBackup'. That's a very simple case and if the app is 'Super Backup.app' then the search terms will be 'Super Backup.app', 'Super Backup' and 'SuperBackup'.

It is unlikely to mistake another file for one associated with the selected app, but it could happen and you should check the list of search terms. Select any search terms in the list that are undesirable and click the Remove button to delete them.

RAW App Remover

Step 3: Delete the files. A list of files associated with the application is listed and these are the ones that will be moved to the Trash. You should check each item and make sure that it really is part of the app and is therefore safe to delete. If there is a file in the list that shouldn't be there, you should select it and click the Keep button. If you are sure you want to remove all the listed files, click the Delete button. You'll be prompted to enter a name for this action and the name and files are listed in the log.

RAW App Remover

Expert mode

Find more files: Tick the Expert mode box at the start and RAW App Remover will find even more files associated with the application and your Mac is cleaned more thoroughly. However, you need to be careful, which is why it is only for experts.

Suppose you have an app called 'Time Manager.app'. In expert mode the search terms will be 'Time Manager.app', 'Time Manager', 'Time' and 'Manager'. The 'Time' is a problem because the program will find anything with the word 'Time' in, such as QuickTime, and you don't want to delete that! The solution is to select 'Time' in the search list in step 2 and remove it. Alternatively, you can select files you don't want to delete in step 3 and click the Keep button.

Basically, expert mode just splits up the words in multi-word filenames (short words are ignored though). This often results in more files being found, but files unrelated to the app might be found. You need to watch out for this and you really need to cast an expert eye over the files listed in step 3. Despite this, it's worth having expert mode because it sometimes finds much more.

Why aren't files removed?

You might occasionally uninstall an application and then discover that one or more files were not deleted. What's going on? This is a permissions issue. Every file and folder on the disk has an associated set of permissions that determine who can do what to them. If a file isn't deleted then the program doesn't have permission to do so.

You must change the permissions (only admins can do this). Right click or Ctrl+click the file/folder and select Get Info. Down at the bottom of the dialog is Sharing and Permissions. It'll probably say Read Only for either admin or everyone or both. Click the padlock in the bottom right corner and enter the admin password. You can now click the Read Only and change it to Read and Write.

An alternative solution is to delete the file/folder manually. You'll be prompted to enter the admin password.

Top tip!

You may have deleted applications before you got RAW App Remover. Are you sure you removed all the files? Use RAW App Remover to find out. Don't select anything in step 1 and go straight to step 2. Now enter a search term, such as the name of the application, or a keyword or two that will identify it. Continue to step 3 and see if any files are found. You can then delete them.

Take care!

RAW App Remover is a powerful tool and you need to take care with it! You use it at your own risk! Make sure you have backups!

Use this free registration code: 1031