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Top tips and articles for Ubuntu and other Linux distros

General tips and articles
Manage social network permissions in Ubuntu Linux
Access Ubuntu One and sync with Windows
Install a screen saver in Ubuntu Linux
Install Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu Linux
Enable sleep/hibernation in Ubuntu Linux
Customise the Ubuntu Unity desktop interface
Access Windows folders from Linux in VirtualBox
Recover lost and deleted files in Linux
Solve problems with Ubuntu 13.04
What's using all the disk space?
Recover lost and deleted files
How to partition the disk for Linux
Use the Meta (Windows) key in Ubuntu
Access Windows folders in VirtualBox
Using Buffalo Linkstation Live NAS
Access files and programs with Gnome Do
Get your combo printer/scanner up and running
Upgrade to VirtualBox 4
Install/run VMware Player and use virtual machines
Use a Buffalo Linkstation Live NAS
Print file and folder/directory listings
Create shortcuts and menus for Java applications
Restore running applications when you restart
VirtualBox additions in Mandriva 2010 Linux
Access hidden applications and utilities
Create accounts for all users
Open files with any application
Install essential files for the web
Install VirtualBox additions
Solve VirtualBox additions install problems
Auto-load your favourite programs

Linux system tips
Enable sleep/hibernation in Ubuntu
Essential Terminal commands
Shut down Linux from the command line
Send the disk to sleep with hdparm
Check the hard disk drive for errors
Get updates with apt-get or Update Manager
Three ways to remove unwanted Adobe AIR apps
Check out the new Disk Utility in Ubuntu 10.04
Extend Gnome's Nautilus with scripts
Change the window title bar button positions
Upgrade your PC to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx
Show or hide hidden files and folders
Set the sources for software installation
Prune the Grub list when it grows too long
Force quit a crashed or locked up program
Set Windows as the default OS in Grub
Set the correct monitor refresh rate

Linux photo, video and audio tips
How to play DVD movies
Run iTunes in Linux: Wine vs VirtualBox
Adjust the volume
Set the volume control preferences

Linux security tips
Encrypt files for privacy and security
Securely delete files to foil spies
Protect Ubuntu with a firewall
3 firewalls with a graphical interface
Configure routers/firewalls for BitTorrent

Linux performance tips
Use Adaptive Readahead Daemon for a speed boost
Three ways to monitor the system resources
Benchmark DNS servers for a faster web
Limit the bandwidth of downloads
Test your internet connection using ping and host
A faster more reliable internet with OpenDNS
Change the priority of programs
Monitor battery health and performance
Clean up the system and recover lost disk space

Linux desktop tips
Customise the Ubuntu Unity desktop
Ditch Unity and restore Gnome in Ubuntu
Add a classic menu to Ubuntu Unity desktop
Run Ubuntu 11.04 Unity desktop in VirtualBox
Change the wallpaper with Desktop Drapes
Add 200 amazing screensavers
Configure Search in Gnome
Hide the panels for more screen space
Add System Monitor to the panel
Edit the items on the menus
Switch from KDE to GNOME and back
Problems settings the screen resolution?
Get web fonts for a better display
Adjust the default fonts in openSUSE
Get more space with mutiple desktops
Move windows between desktops
Resize the desktop icons
Add favourite tools to the Panel
Configure the Panel for more space
Improve font rendering
Change the default font sizes
Stop windows snapping to the sides
Add the weather to the panel
Shrink the menu, use the sidepane
Add recent documents to the menu

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Even more Linux articles, tips and tweaks...

Securely delete files containing private information
3 free Linux download managers
Fuduntu 14 is a unique blend of Fedora and Ubuntu.
Anonymous web browsing - keep sufing secret
Mageia Linux- a fork of Mandriva and worth a look
ZevenOS - Ubuntu meets BeOS, is that weird or what?
Kororaa Linux - easy to use for newbies, but useful for experts?
Looking for a simple, but powerful photo editor?
Customise and maintain the system with Ubuntu-Tweak
Set up Gwibber for social networking
Protect Ubuntu with a firewall
3 firewalls with a graphical interface
Set up Gwibber for social networking
4 home finance programs to keep your accounts in order
Clean Windows with Linux-based Avira AntiVir Rescue System
Share files between Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
4 Twitter clients running on Adobe AIR
4 free Adobe AIR games
15 web browsers with a range of features
7 photo editors to enhance your snapshots
8 programs to record and mix music in Linux
7 free calendar applications to organise your time
Install and run Spotify music streaming using Wine
HTML editors and web page designers for creating websites
Use Minitube to watch videos on the desktop.
Run Linux on your iPad with TeamViewer
3 password managers to keep logins safe
Customise the login welcome screen and use the Face Browser

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