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Manage social network permissions in Ubuntu Linux

If you are running Ubuntu 13.04 there are some interesting new and updated features. One of these concerns social networking and other online accounts and you can add Facebook Twitter, Google and other accounts to the system. Other apps can then access the information you have on these services, such as tweets on Twitter, photos in Google Picasa Web Albums and so on. Here is how to add them and how to control which Linux applications can access which social networks.

Go to the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen and click System Settings. Click Online Accounts and then click the Ass account button. Select the service you want to add and follow the instructions. This simply involves entering your username and password and autorising Ubuntu to access your account.

After adding your social networks, select each one in turn in Online Accounts and the applications that can access them are displayed. There is a main on/off button at the top to disable everything should you wish to do so, but below are on/off switches for each application. It is up to you how you set them.

Ubuntu online accounts

Some online accounts have extra settings, such as Empathy in the screen shot. Click the Options button to see them and configure them. As you install software on your computer, keep checking these settings. New applucations will appear on the list and you may or may not want to let them access your online accounts.

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