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Add a classic menu to Ubuntu Unity desktop

Some people love the new desktop in the latest version of Ubuntu, but others hate it and it has the community split. I belong to the latter group and it bugs me, slows me down and makes things harder. That's not a good sign. It may get better over time, but it is hard to see how it can.

Accessing applications from the new slide-out bar on the left is awkward and Ubuntu 10.04's menu at the top of the screen was simpler, easier and faster.

If you miss the old style of menu and can't get used to the new one, you can add a menu using ClassicMenu Indicator. It's a useful accessory.

ClassicMenu Indicator's home page has download links to get it, but it can also be found in Ununtu Software Centre if you search for it. Once installed, you will find it among the accessories and when it is run it adds an icon to the collection in the top right corner of the screen. Click it and a classic-style menu drops down providing fast access to your applications. As it is on the right side of the screen the menus cascade from right to left - the opposite direction to the old style Gnome menus on the left. Still, it's better than the Unity desktop menus.

Now isn't that much simpler?

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