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Change the wallpaper with Desktop Drapes

Do you like the Linux desktop or could it be better? What is the wallpaper like? Dull or exciting? Of course you can easily change the wallpaper and a variety of bundled with the operating system.

You'll find the wallpapers in /usr/share/backgrounds but the way to select them is to go to the System menu and select Preferences, Appearance. On the Background tab you can choose a different image (I'm using Ubuntu and other distros may have slightly different menus).

It is not the only way to change the wallpaper and you can automatically change it on a schedule with programs like Desktop Drapes.

You can get Desktop Drapes from here, but it is also in Synaptic Package Manager. It's an old program and it hasn't been updated for a while, but I found it still works OK on Ubuntu 10.04. Start Synaptic Package Manager and search for wallpaper. This not only finds Drapes, but also some useful wallpaper packs if you want to add some more images to the collection on your PC. Select Drapes for installation and the click Apply

Desktop Drapes

Desktop Drapes can be found on the System, Preferences menu and when it is run it adds an icon to the top panel. Right click it and select Preferences. The General tab is most interesting. Here you can choose to start the program with the OS so that it switches wallpaper right from the start.You can choose how often to change the wallpaper, from 5 minutes to 2 hours, with Never as an option if you never want to change it. A handy feature is the ability to monitor a directory for new wallpaper images, such as your Pictures folder.

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