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Three ways to uninstall Adobe AIR apps

Adobe AIR is a runtime environment that enables you to install useful applications on your computer no matter whether it is running Linux, Windows or OS X. It's quite interesting and there are some great applications that run on AIR, such as Twitter clients and games. There are some not so good ones too and for every good app you find, you might have to try two or three poor ones. So how do you uninstall Adobe AIR apps? This tip shows how to remove Adobe AIR apps you don't want in Ubuntu Linux, which isn't quite as obvious as Windows or Mac OS X.

Method 1 - the hard way

Linux users are obsessed with the command line and if you're a fan of entering obscure commands that are impossible for normal people to remember or work out, here's how to remove an Adobe AIR app.

If you right click an Aodbe AIR app that's on the desktop (icons to start the app are usually placd there), and select Properties, you'll see that the Command box says that the app is in the /opt folder. All Adobe AIR apps are installed int he /opt folder, so open a Terminal window and enter:

sudo dpkg -S /opt/*

You'll get a list of the apps that have been installed there. The output is a bit messy, so here is an example. If you have the ChessJam app installed, you'll see a line like this in the output:

chessjam.808d34ef1ae2806f00104989fe66f8bde6b323d7.1: /opt/ChessJam

To remove it, type:

sudo dpkg -P chessjam.808d34ef1ae2806f00104989fe66f8bde6b323d7.1

Method 2 - getting easier

In Linux, Adobe AIR apps are installed as native packages, so to uninstall an app you use the package manager. In Ubuntu you run Synaptic Package Manager and then use the search facility to find the program to remove. Entering ChessJam for example, lists the Adobe AIR app and clicking the box next to it displays an option to Mark for removal or mark for complete removal. Choose the latter and then click the Apply button.

Method 3 - the easiest

Download and install the Uninstaller for Adobe AIR, a free app for Debian and Ubuntu. When it is run, it lists the AIR apps and you just select the one you want to remove. It couldn't be simpler and it makes it very easy to tidy up after a session trying out lots of Adobe AIR apps. (After installation, it can be found on the Applications, Accessories menu.)

Adobe AIR app uninstaller

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