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Edit the menus in Ubuntu

The menus at the top or bottom of the screen in Linux are generally very good, but for various reasons you might want to change them. One reason is because some software you install does not add itself to any of the menus and instead an icon is placed on the desktop. Software installations might also put an entry on a submenu that isn't logical, at least to you.

Rearranging the items on the menus and submenus, adding extra items and removing unwanted ones is actually quite easy when yu know how. Right click any of the menus in the panel, such as Applications, and then select Edit Menus. A window opens that contains the menus and submenus on the left and the contents of each menu on the right. Menu items that are ticked are visible and ones that don't have a tick are hidden. You can therefore show or hide any menu item.

If you have installed some software that has not added a menu item, but there is a desktop icon to start it, select the menu group on the left that you would like to add it to, and then drag the icon from the desktop and drop it on the right side of the menu editor. It is added as a new item.

Another way to add programs to the menus is to select the menu group on the left and then click New Item. You can enter the program name, enter the command to run it or use the Browse button to find it, and add a comment. The comment is displayed in a yellow tip box when the mouse hovers over a menu.

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