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Kororaa Linux - an easy to use distro?

Kororaa is described by the developers as an easy to use Linux distro for new users while still being useful for experts. It aims to be a complete general computing solution. This latest version is based on Fedora, although it was originally based on Gentoo.

Version 16 was released today, although 15, which I've been running, was only released less than two months ago. The main differences appear to be mostly in the version numbers of the components. For example, in Kororaa 15 you get Firefox 7, whereas in Kororaa 16 it is Firefox 8. You now get KDE 4.7 instead of 4.6.5, and so on. Of course, if you don't like KDE then there is a version with Gnome 3.2 desktop. Both KDE and Gnome distros are available in 32 and 64-bit versions.

Kororaa succeeds in being easy to use and complete and while it didn't have Flash and wouldn't play YouTube videos out of the box, it was fairly straightforward to add to the system. It was playing videos within a few minutes of being installed and you just need to find Flash in the Get and Remove Software too. It played MP3 and Windows wma audio files without any problems.

It comes with over 30 games and while they aren't in the same league as the latest blockbusters on the Playstation and Xbox, they are fun. You get games like Bomber, KBreakout, KMahjong, KReversi, SameGame, Konquest and many more.

Graphics software includes Okular document viewer, GIMP photo editor, Skanlite scanner, Gwenview image viewer, KolourPaint, Scribus desktop publishing, DigiKam photo management, and more. Internet software includes KTorrent BitTorrent, KGet download manager, Akregator RSS news reader, Kopete instant messenger, KMail, and so on. The multimedia software is good and there is Amarok audio player, HandBrake DVD ripper, VLC media player, Audacity audio editor, and Kdenlive video editor. Among the office software is LibreOffice, which is excellent, and Planer project management. There are lots of utilities and as I was running the KDE version there was the usual bundle of tools beginning with K.

Kororaa Linux

The Kickoff Application Launcher (equivalent of Windows Start button) provides access to all the programs and utilities. I didn't particularly like the way the desktop wallpaper changed every minute or the interface theme, but there are lots of configuration options that enable you to change things like these and a few minutes is all it takes to configure the desktop the way you like it. There are some great desktop widgets available in KDE and it's easy to browse them and install them.

Get and Remove Software (KPackageKit) can be used to find and install software, but it seemed unstable on my PC running in VirtualBox and crashed occasionally. Ubuntu does this better.

There is a lot to like in this Linux distro and within a few minutes of installing it you have a system that has almost everything you need. It plays online video, plays your music collection, has office, web, graphics and multimedia software built in and so on.