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Fuduntu Linux - a Fedora/Ubuntu hybrid

With hundreds of Linux distros available you might wonder whether enthusiasts of this operating system are running out of ideas, but it appears not. Fuduntu 14 is a relatively new distro and the project was only started a year ago - don't be fooled by the version number. This distro was the 25th most popular at Distrowatch when I visited and it is a unique blend of Fedora and Ubuntu. It has a bit of both distros in it, although it probably has more Fedora than Ubuntu and the version number - 14 - is the same as Fedora's latest.

The Fuduntu download is 930Mb, so you need to burn it to a DVD-R rather than a CD-R. Burn it to disc and boot your computer with it to start the OS. It asks a couple of questions and then boots to the desktop. There's an icon on the desktop which can then be used to install it to the hard disk drive. Installation is very fast and quite easy. There is a nice option screen that asks if you want to replace a current Linux installation without touching any other partitions, such as Windows. It can install in the free space, create free space by resizing the current partitions or use all the disk.

Fusuntu Linux

The kernel is 3.07 and desktop is Gnome 2.32, so it's not cutting edge technology, but it is OK. The desktop has the usual Gnome menu at the top, but down at the bottom is an Apple Mac-like Dock. Like the Mac, it displays icons - launchers - to run popular applications like the web browser and music player, and it also displays running programs and the Wastebasket. It works well.

You might expect Fuduntu to come with a lot of pre-installed software compared to the distros that fit on a CD, but there isn't that much. Instead of OpenOffice/LibreOffice or AbiWord, you get a shortcut to Google Docs. Instead of an email client you get a link to Google Mail. The web browser is Google Chrome. Google Docs is OK, but you have to have an internet connection when using it and there aren't as many features as LibreOffice.

Flash is installed, so you can go straight to YouTube and similar sites and start watching online streaming video. It also plays MP3 audio files and Banshee Media Player is included. This provides access to Amazon MPs Store, Miro Guide and Last.fm. Other bundled software includes GIMP, Shotwell Photo Manager, Empathy messenger, VLC media player, Brasero Disc Burner, Cheese Webcam Booth and more. There's even a link to install Dropbox for file sharing and syncing.

Add/Remove Software is used to find and install new software and the browser is OK. Categories of software are listed on the left and selecting one shows the programs. You just tick the one you want. There isn't as much software as with some distros, but you can always find additional software on the web and download it yourself.

Fuduntu is an interesting Linux distro and it's worth trying - it runs fine in VirtualBox.