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Make video slide shows from photos with PhotoShow

8th November 2011   

What do you do with the photos on your iPhone? Do you transfer them to the computer? Upload them to Facebook or another social networking website? Email them to your friends and relatives? With Roxio PhotoShow you can do all this, but not with the raw photographs, with an entertaining video slide show with effects and music instead.

Roxio PhotoShow is a free app for the iPhone 4 and 4S that enables you to load a number of photos, arrange them into the order you want, add some music and then turn the whole lot into a slide show that runs as a video clip. This can then be uploaded to the web, emailed, or simply kept on the phone to show off to your friends and relatives. It's a great app that is well worth adding to the collection on your iPhone.

Here is a link to the app on the UK iTunes store, if you use some other store then just search for Roxio PhotoShow. When it is run your first task is to select some photos or videos. These can be existing ones that are already on the iPhone, you can take new photos with the camera, or you can access photos in your online Facebook or Picasa albums, which is quite clever. Choosing photos is simply a matter of tapping the ones you want.

Photshow   Photoshow   Photoshow

The photos are placed in a tray at the bottom of the screen and you can drag these left and right to scroll through them. It works a bit like a film strip. Press and hold displays all the photos wiggling iOS style so you can rearrange them and delete ones you don't want.

A larger version of the current photo is shown in the main part of the display and it has a strip of icons top and bottom. The first enables you to select the type of transition effect when changing from one photo to another and there are four to choose from. The second is for selecting music from the iPhone to play while the slides are showing. The other icons enable you to add more photos to the project, to crop them and to set the length of time each photo is displayed. Photos can be displayed from one to 30 seconds. You can even set the time for individual photos as well as general settings for the whole lot.

A Preview button enables you to view the slide show and music sound track and when you have it as want it, the Share button enables you to select the destination when the final slideshow is rendered. This can be Roxio PhotoShow, Facebook, Picasa, YouTube, stored on the iPhone, or sent via email. There is a choice of low, medium or high quality output and this affects the size and quality of the resulting video clip.

It is useful to be able to create slideshows on the iPhone and then share them online. Although there is more sophisticated software available on the computer, this is quick and easy, so you may find yourself using it more often. Roxio PhotoShow is free, so grab a copy.