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Photopod aggregates your online photos

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There are lots of online services that can store your photos and they are fun to use. You can post your photos on Facebook, create Picasa web albums, upload photos to Flickr, and so on. You may have accounts on several different services and photos stored in each one. This creates a bit of a problem and you have to log into each service to see the photos and if you know there is a photo you are interested in, but can't remember which online service you uploaded it to, it can be hard to find. The solution is Photopod. This iOS app is for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and it brings together all your photos from various services and enables you to access them from one app.

To get Photopod, go to the App Store and type the name into the search box. It is free, so it's worth the couple of minutes it takes to download.

The first task with the app is to go to the settings and enter the login details for the services you use - Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter/Twitpic, Tumblr and Dropbox.

Once you have done this, the home screen then lists each service. Tapping one of the services opens it and displays a list of your photo albums. Tap one of the albums and thumbnail images of all the photos it contains is displayed. You can view any photo and you just swipe for the next one. It is very easy to browse each of the online photo storing services and it's much better than logging into each one separately. It's like a gallery of everything.

Photopod   Photopod

There aren't many functions in the app and it would have been nice to have some special effects like filters. The only two tools are rotate and crop. In addition to browsing the online photos, you can also browse the ones on the device too. Any photo can be selected and then uploaded to any of the online services and you can even select multiple services too.

Photopod is a useful tool for people that use multiple services to store online photos. It is free and it has just enough features to make it worth keeping on your iOS device.